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Breaking Ground

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Game The Future
Game The Future

Immerse yourself in your own world and see your town come to life! Build your own city, see it grow and be rewarded. Golden Bricks and fortune awaits! Help the townsfolk by constructing factories, producing much-needed products and deliver them with your fleet of trucks. Follow the story-line to make your city a fantastic place to live. Play the amazing in-game activities, such as swinging through the forest, mixing new chemicals in the lab and navigating perilous mine tunnels while prospecting for golden bricks in the mine. Build houses and turn them into a home, decorate homes as you like! Be rewarded with XP and unlock new levels, products and trucks!

Discover every part of this beautiful, free game and play at your own pace. Be rewarded with Experience Points that unlock new levels, houses, products, trucks and game-plays! Discover the building phases of houses as you build your town. Learn which products build a house and see it constructed phase by phase in full 3D HD! Share your trade secrets and strategies with your friends and family and see everyone prosper! Family friendly and fun for kids.

Choose your winning strategy. Play now! Have fun! Play more! More fun!

FREE: Breaking Ground is free to download and play. Some game items can also be purchased for real money. However, the game is designed to be fully playable and offer all features for free. In-game purchases are entirely optional.

Terms and conditions: http://game-the-future.com/games/breakingground/wiki/termsofservice.html
Website: http://www.game-the-future.com/games/breakingground/

Requires > 1.2 Gb of RAM (1.5 Gb or higher recommended)

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