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Interstellar Prime

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DreamCatcher Studios
DreamCatcher Studios

A science fantasy RPG that combines space-simulation and RTS elements in an epic story at the dawn of Interstellar Age of Mankind
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INTERSTELLAR PRIME merges RPG, RTS, and space simulation genres through seamless game play to explore human existence in the space age. Taking place 150 years in the future, mankind has finally acquired all the necessary technologies to contour space. The real question is, does humanity have what it takes to thrive in the unknown reaches of the solar system and beyond?

The main quest in the game is to reach Alpha Centauri, in search of a rumored, advanced human society who had supposedly created an Artificial Intelligence believed to be astronomically more advanced than modern scientists can comprehend that pushed humanity beyond technological singularity. The main drive of the story is about finding meaning within humanity. Your role in the game is to influence the rest of mankind to either:

1) Transform the solar system into an industrial machine with a sole purpose of space exploration into the cosmos

2) Transform the solar system into a better, more comfortable home for the human race

3) Prevent any significant change to the solar system leaving nature to where it belongs as life is just a by-product of it

4) A war zone to where the strongest survive

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