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Game The Future
Game The Future

Defend your system and Conquer your opponents' systems. Add your Friends and battle their Planets! Boost your Planetary Defenses. Compete against Celebrity Emperors and team up to Overthrow tyrannical Emperors. Battle the Artificial Intelligence Singularity Faction and conquer their planets! The unique Social Media-driven RNG and Defenses delivers a gaming and social experience you've never seen or experienced before!

Infinite Conquests! The Battle never stops! Unlock rewards from Reward Crates, collect Tech and Weapons Cards- Upgrade your Ships and weapons! Trade at Orbital Trading Posts - buy Ships and Weapons or Scrap them for Repairs.

Explore the T-Wars Universe, marvel at its beauty and temper its devious and sly inhabitants. Build your own Universe by adding friends and then challenge and outwit them! Take part in Breathtaking Space battles and battle Planet-side. The enemy is overwhelming, but you have the tech, the Will-Power, a whole galaxy funding you and a Thirst for Conquest! Build your galactic empire, reach and exceed your limits!

- Breathtaking galaxies
- Resource rich planets
- Non-stop insane arcade action
- Strategic resource management
- Play Celebrities. Play your Friends.
- Play the devious AI Singularity Faction
- Devastating weapons
- Uber Bosses
- Jump drive
- Trade posts

The decision is yours: H-O-W W-I-L-L Y-O-U R-U-U-U-U-U-U-L-E ?

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