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EL-K : Electronic Key Head Man

EL-K : Electronic Key Head Man is an adventure game where you go looking for keys to open the end door. Your head is the holder of keys and you need to arrange the keys in the right order to open the door.

Out Now on

Apple App Store 👉 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/el-k-electric-key-head-man/id14 . . .


BugVasion is an old school free to play tower defense game where you have to protect your home from invading alien possessed bugs.
- 16 levels
- 20 enemy types
- 15 tower types
- and loads of whacky special attacks

Coming soon! . . .

Breaking Ground

Immerse yourself in your own world and see your town come to life! Build your own city, see it grow and be rewarded. Golden Bricks and fortune awaits! Help the townsfolk by constructing factories, producing much-needed products and deliver them with your fleet of trucks. Follow the story-line to mak . . .

Enemy On Board

Six crew members wake up on the spaceship Andromeda. Two crew members are secretly aliens in disguise. Cooperate to discover and kill the aliens, or.....deceive your human "friends" to take over the ship!

Join our community: https://discord.gg/enemyonboard

Stay in the loop with us: https://faceboo . . .

Maze Crusher

MazeCrusher is a kind of modern arcade game where you need to escape a trapping maze. On your way out you will encounter enemies trying to kill you as well as puzzles to solve. . . .


Play as Birdo in this infinite platformer. Jump on the falling furniture to reach new heights, but don't get squashed or eaten by the monster!

Mobler is created by a student game development team consisting of 9 people.
We would love for you to help us by downloading, playing and leaving a review . . .

Techno Runner

2D infinite mini runner 2d infinite, fun and challenging, with great techno graphics and simple control, it is perfect to spend time.

Move as fast as you can to avoid obstacles in space.

Easy to learn controls with a single touch, good visual effects and good music. . . .

Hexa Snap

Hexa Snap is one of the best arcade games on mobile.
It has an original gameplay and the spirit of your good old Tetris on GameBoy.

Rotate the axis, tap to collect hexagons, try to survive!

Easy to play, hard to master. Will you beat the 20 levels?
Play now on iOS and Android! . . .


Enframe is a challenging 2d puzzle game that will test your cognitive skills.

- 100 handcrafted levels
- 30 animations to unlock
- Portrait oriented game play
- Number of moves required to complete levels range from 3 to over 200

iOS Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/enframe/id1460976476
Android . . .


Defend your system and Conquer your opponents' systems. Add your Friends and battle their Planets! Boost your Planetary Defenses. Compete against Celebrity Emperors and team up to Overthrow tyrannical Emperors. Battle the Artificial Intelligence Singularity Faction and conquer their planets! The uni . . .

Supaplex 3D

3D recreation of the original Supaplex. It contains all the original 111 levels and has a build-in level editor that allows you to share your creations with friends. . . .

Fork Knights

Fork Knights is a light-hearted multiplayer brawler featuring cute, food themed characters fighting for BBQ dominance. What started out as a fencing prototype turned into a fun, full featured party game that's been as fun to play as it has been to develop.

The aim of the game is to eliminate your o . . .

Interstellar Prime

A science fantasy RPG that combines space-simulation and RTS elements in an epic story at the dawn of Interstellar Age of Mankind
JOIN THE DISCORD: discord.gg/fn6JQnb
INTERSTELLAR PRIME merges RPG, RTS, and space simulation genres through seamless game play to explore human existence in the space ag . . .

Ikan Hoki

This a shot game, and it's all about fishing, cool isnt it. You can collect up to lucky card, there are random of them, and you get one every time play.

The game can give you rewards . You can follow your progress and shot every fish.

Completing Daily Quest and Daily Login also rewards new help ca . . .

Trial to Survive

You are stranded with your expedition camp. There is just one thing: SURVIVE! In a dangerous area without any supply you need to specialise your members to achieve different actions and secure your base camp. The game is focused a lot on rts mechanics combined with all features you know from surviva . . .

The great adventure

explore a huge RPG world, defeat bosses, complete missions, discover secrets
Solutions on the web site , check the link below

https://erombsheetmusic.forumfree.it/ . . .

Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard is a new cooperative survival game in which players must resist the oncoming invasion of Giants during Ragnarök. Set in procedurally generated worlds full of dark creatures, hidden gods and abundant materials to be uncovered, you play as a Viking living in a village that houses the . . .

Die Zunftmeister

Peaceful non-violent construction strategy indie browser game in the Middle Ages.
Directly playable for free via the browser.
Financing by voluntary donation

In this build-up strategy game you can expect many nested productions, graphically lovingly designed and partially animated buildings for the . . .


Unique gameplay, 10 main levels to complete and 4 endless game modes to play if you finished main levels. Chill music and fun gameplay, also you got 3 abilities to help you out!
Feel free to rate, comment etc. Feedback is very appreciated!

* 10 Different levels to complete
* 4 Endless l . . .

Extreme Speed Car Simulator 2019

Extreme Speed Car Simulator 2019 is one of the best car simulator games of 2019 that comes with a realistic driving physics engine, huge open world, car customization, lots of fun and addicting gameplay.

If you are a car games enthusiast, you will definitely love this game to bits. Even if you cann . . .