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Need Funding?


You have you great idea, your team is ready to go but if you do not have enough funds to get your game to deployment, you wont have a game!

What you need to start?

  • Business Plan

  • Funding Methods

Business Plan

Every good business has a business plan.  Map out all your costs and expected revenues and what time-frame you will think you can achieve by and include some contingency!


What are the types of costs you will incur?

Check out the page at Peeps you will Need for a good idea of what type of people you need.  You may great at everything but sometimes it may be a good idea to outsource some of your roles.  If  you are not sure how much a role costs, try and get some quotes from several of the outsourcing websites out there like  http://oDesk.com  for programming and http://eLance.com for video and writing. 

Sanity Check your assumptions!

So you got a rough outline for your business plan, now is a time to sanity check those assumptions!   Especially revenue, take your time to test your revenue assumptions and see if these make sense to you?  Not sure what assumptions to use, have a check to people in our forum or talk to people in the industry.   Do not be afraid to be a bit aggressive but try to be realistic and potential funders will be put off by unrealistic assumptions. 

Put your business plan in a format somebody can understand

So you got your great business plan together.   Time to put some polish on it.  Put your business plan into a format people can understand.   Excel is great for the raw numbers and a nicely formatted word document with the key outputs is great for getting potential investors and funders over the line.

Making a Deal?

So you need funds and cash?  Have a think of how much you are willing to give up.   It may be a royalty on revenue, it may be equity or even debt in your company.   

Royalty Share - you agree to give a percentage of your revenue to the funder on all future sales

Equity - you agree to give a percentage of your company (and game profits to the funder).   This agreement will be messier and profits can be a lot more arbitrary than revenue)

Debt - very straight forward in terms of what you need to return but given the highly speculative nature of indie gaming may not berecommended. 

Reputation Counts

Sadly, if you have not made an Indie Game before and are asking for USD10M your chances of securing funding is going to extremely difficult.  So build up your portfolio and start getting some exposure in the market.   If you have no experience, start small and get some early wins on the board.

Time to look for Funders

Looking for funders can be challenging.  Here at the team at IGMaker.com hope we can help connect games.  Drop us a line or post in our forums and hopefully we can make your dreams come true,